Thursday, September 24, 2015

2016 Preemie, NICU, & Angel Baby Calendar

2016 Preemie Prints Calendar
is available!!

Order below until November 30th!

Our calendars make beautiful gifts for the holidays & Christmas!! 

The Preemie Prints Calendar features 10 NICU/NICU graduate Preemie Prints photo shoots from throughout the year with a very special October month honoring a tiny angel and another month dedicated to Preemie Prints Sew & Craft and other NICU friends! The calendar is a way for everyone to enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by our volunteers and raise money for our nonprofit organization, so that we can continue our work raising awareness, continuing our current programs, and developing more outreach programs for NICU, preemie, and angel families. 

In addition to supporting our mission, you also get to enjoy amazing photography of some precious preemies and NICU babies all year long, who had a very rough start to life! Preemie Prints, and our wonderful network of volunteers, gives this gift of photography to current and graduate NICU families because we want to share hope and inspire them to keep on going. We want to bring a smile to their face when they reflect on their time in the NICU through our pictures. We want them to know how strong they are, even when they feel defeated. Each day they wake up, return to the NICU, and sit by the side of their little fighter whispering loving words, cuddling, and taking care of them. Those difficult days in the hospital and early days at home are filled with a beauty and grace that is unexplainable, but pictures do a great job of trying.

As you look into the eyes of these miracles, you are staring at some of the strongest little fighters on earth! They are amazing miracles, and when we look at them they are humbling and bring tears to our eyes. Some beat incredible odds and dismal diagnoses, but through the grace of God overcame and triumphed. Others spent a very short time on this earth, but we have already been witness to the many lives they have touched, and through their spirit continue to touch daily. Their parents spent days by their side rallying and cheering them on. Even when fatigue, emotion, shock, and fear were overtaking them, they still sat by their side with an intense and pure love for their child. We are here supporting those families...past or present, no matter the circumstance or the outcome, we are here, so we ask that you please support what we are doing by ordering a calendar. 

Calendars are shipping out tomorrow November 6th!! They are still available to order until the end of the year. We will ship them out as the orders come in. 

~The Preemie Prints Team

2016 Calendar Preview

Calendars are $20.00 each. We will notify you when your calendar will be shipped or is ready for pick up. If you require shipping please add an additional $2 per calendar to your donation. Thank you so much!

Enter the amount of your donation  (# of calendars @ $20.00 each + shipping if cannot be picked up locally) below.

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