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Preemie Prints, and our wonderful network of volunteers, gives the gift of photography to NICU families because we want to share hope and inspire them to keep on going. We want to bring a smile to their face when they reflect on their time in the NICU through our pictures. We want them to know how strong they are, even when they feel defeated. Each day they wake up, return to the NICU, and sit by the side of their little fighter whispering loving words, cuddling, and taking care of them. Those difficult days in the hospital and early days at home are filled with an odd beauty and grace that is unexplainable, but pictures do a great job of trying.

This support program of no-charge NICU or NICU graduate photography is available to any baby/family who has spent time in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for any period of time. Sessions can take place inside the NICU or once the baby has graduated up to 1 year of age.

Our volunteers have been called to share their gifts of compassion, understanding, courage, and photography with families who have a child born early or who must be in a NICU for serious health concerns. This is a NO-CHARGE support program provided to families while in the NICU or at home after spending time in a NICU. Our photographers enter the hospital as a guest of the patient's family (like a chaplain or pastor), not as a hospital vendor, thus, we are not a HIPAA covered entity.

Preemie Prints Photography Support Session Includes:
- a complimentary photo session
- a complete disk of all edited photos

Pictures and memory items will help families and mothers through their difficult journey with a premature or critically ill baby. In addition, pictures may aid NICU moms who have postpartum depression (PPD) and/or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) both of which are increased after spending time in a neonatal intensive care unit. Pictures can also encourage bonding and breast milk production during the time spent away from baby (while they are in the NICU). We encourage you to take pictures of your baby every day.

A Few Photo Sessions:

What Parents Are Saying....

"Thank you! The grad session was more than I could of imagined, our volunteer was nice, caring and she does amazing work! Thank you, if we told yall thank you everyday it wouldn't be enough! These pictures mean so much to us, the things people take for granted like holding you baby after they are born, or even a picture! Thank you so very much!"

Sharing Hope Through Photography

If you live in one of the following surrounding areas and have a premature baby who is/was in a NICU in the past 1 year please contact us to benefit from this compassionate gift that we feel you, your family, and your baby deserve. There is no session fee & you will also receive a disk of at least 25 photos that you are free to print from.

If you are an a photographer interested in joining us please contact us through the contact form on the right side of our website. We are always recruiting new volunteers!

We have established a professional network of caring photographers and volunteers. We can schedule your NICU photography session to take place in the hospital, with your permission. If permitted, we can capture the essence of your hospital experience in a professional, sensitive, comfortable, quick, and artistic way. Sharing the NICU experience we are aware of and will comply with with all rules necessary. In addition to whatever specific rules you or your hospital has for us, here are a few we rules we follow at each visit regardless: We will not schedule a session if any of our team is or has been sick in the past 7 days, flash photography optional, (we can use only natural light to avoid stimulation), we will spend a maximum of 30 min or less in the NICU area. If in the hospital, we are private recognizing HIPPA laws and will only interact with you, your baby, and their nurses.

Our services, unlike other organizations such as NILMDTS and ACPCG, are for babies that for any reason had to be in a neonatal intensive care unit at any health level. (from babies just needing to grow to critically ill). 

We encourage you as a parent to photograph your baby throughout the entire journey. There are multiple benefits to having these photos during initial admittance into the NICU.

All photographers provide this service on a voluntary basis. These professional photographers are not paid for their services and they donate their time and efforts for the cause. They try their best to be accommodating to the needs as described by the families or by the medical personnel.

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