Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Welcome Rose!

Rose Driesbach

Rose Luzon Art and Photography

Service Area: Denver, Colorado

About Rose:

I have loved my work in travel and film photography over the years, and have been praying about a way to use my photography as a gift and a blessing for others. I have seven neices and nephews that I have always adored snapping photo's of, and having recently been a part of my sister's labor and delivery process as she brought her son into the world, I was deeply touched and knew I wanted to be a part of capturing those incredible first moments of life. I am drawn to capturing the pure honesty of children and how easily, yet unknowingly, they express themselves. I am inspired by the moments in time that hold so many emotions and memories; moments that are passing and fleeting, but so worth remembering. I do not want to simply portray an image - I want to illuminate a moment, a memory, a feeling.

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