Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another 4 Miracles!! A Very Merry Preemie Prints Quads Session!

Please enjoy our inspirational photos and consider supporting our mission to share hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill. Our programs include an online support group, the gift of photography, group events and meetings, information, and email support. Our mission is to connect parents and let them know they are not alone. We thank our supporters, volunteers, and donors for allowing us to touch the lives of NICU, preemie, and angel families. 

We pray these special memories will help the parents to remember how strong they were in overcoming a crisis situation.

A note from mom:
"I have a set of 3 month old quadruplets, 3 boys and one little girl. We delivered 7/19/12, at 29 weeks and 4 days. The babies spent 30-35 days in the satelite NICU for Nationwide Children's Hospital at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Our NICU journey overall was a positive experience; however at first as expected there were signficant concerns about the babies general health. Our littlest guy, Luke, was 2lbs and 2oz and he had been struggling prior to delivery. Luke's first week in the NICU he had issues with digestion/nutrition; it was difficult as a parent to watch him struggle. After the first 2 weeks the babies "took off," and within a few short weeks we were all home as a family."

Volunteer Photographer:
Michelle True Preemie Prints volunteer Columbus, OH

A note from Michelle:
"Had a great time photographing these quads. They were precious. One of the couples' parents come over to feed all the babies at 2am. How awesome is that? The babies have no other siblings. Instant big family! The babies were very sweet and one of the boys, Ben, smiled most of the time I was there. They were feeding the babies, and he was so smiley, I thought he had just eaten, but he had not even been fed yet! They are truly blessed, and all the babies seem to be doing pretty well. So glad I was able to do these pictures for them!"

These images are property of Preemie Prints, our volunteer photographers, and our families who have allowed us to share them with you. Please do not use for any purpose.

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  1. Gina! I am so happy you got to use Preemie Prints too. Your babies are so precious. I hope someday we can meet as families. It is so special that yours are just one day older than ours. Hugs! Amber S.