Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Lil' Emilee's Preemie Prints NICU Grad Photo Session!

Please enjoy our inspirational photos and consider supporting our mission to share hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill. We are nearing our 200th session!! That means we've been able to touch a lot of families. In addition to the gift of photography, our programs include an online support group, group events and meetings, information, and email support. In the future we have hopes for a NICU support house in the Bryan College Station, TX area. This support house will give out of town parents a free place to stay while their little one is in the NICU. It will also have a NICU library, lactation room, developmental preemie play area, and will house our administrative offices. Our mission is to connect parents and let them know they are not alone. We thank our supporters, volunteers, and donors for allowing us to touch the lives of NICU, preemie, and angel families. 

We pray these special memories will help the parents to remember how strong they were in overcoming a crisis situation.
A journey note from mom:
"Emilee had a 79 day NICU stay. She was only on a ventilator/oxygen for the first 12 hours of her life. After that Emilee remained on room air for the rest of her NICU stay. She had an oxygen hood on for only 3 days and within the first 2 weeks. She required 2 blood transfusions and was able to increase her red blood cell counts after the 2nd transfusion. At the beginning of her NICU stay the doctors were worried Emilee had Necrotising Enterocolitis. They stopped her feedings for awhile ans she was on IV for sometime. We have been told by several doctors that considering Emilee's gestational age and size, she had a pretty uneventful NICU stay. Finally of her 79th day, Emilee was given the okay to come home, weighing 4lbs 5oz. Her current weight as of 10/21/2012 is 5lbs 7ox. Every day we are grateful for our miracle baby and thank God he sent us his most precious gift, even though we know it's going to tough at times and she still has a long road ahead of her. She will make it through, because even though she is small, she is a fighter and never quits fighting."

Volunteer Photographer:
Carolyn Finger - Preemie Prints Volunteer, San Antonio, TX

A note from volunteer photographer Carolyn:
"This past Saturday I took pictures of sweet Emilee. We did the session indoors and it was good thing, because it was a gloomy day. But in the studio Emilee was all smiles, until I started taking pictures of her, lol. I got a few smiles, but other than that she was good - no crying, just looking around and at the camera."
These images are property of Preemie Prints, our volunteer photographers, and our families who have allowed us to share them with you. Please do not use for any purpose.

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