Monday, February 17, 2014

Handsome Logan's NICU Grad Shoot

Please enjoy our inspirational photos and consider supporting our mission to share hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill. Our programs include an online support group, the gift of photography, group events and meetings, information, and email support. Our mission is to connect parents and let them know they are not alone. We thank our supporters, volunteers, and donors for allowing us to touch the lives of NICU, preemie, and angel families. 

We pray these special memories will help the parents to remember how strong they were in overcoming a crisis situation.

A note from Mom:
"My son, Logan, was born on November 10, 2013 at 28 weeks gestations. He was a big baby weighing 3lbs 8ozs. The NICU journey is life changing. It is amazing to see a iving being that is so small, able to fight so hard. Do not be afraid rejoice the small accomplishments. Something as simple and ordinary as a poopie diaper is a big deal for a preemie."

Volunteer Photographer:
Ashley Meyer - Dayton, OH

A note from Ashley:
"Logan spent 73 days in the NICU after being born at 28 weeks gestation. He was 4 days old adjusted when I went for his newborn NICU graduation session. Logan was fighting sleep through the whole session but I still managed to get several good sleepy images as well as a few images of him awake. His mom Deanna and I were laughing because he refused to be in any other position than completely stretched out and he looked like a little man lounging around on a Saturday. He has a 12 year old big sister named Shelby and everyone is adjusting well and thankful to finally have him home."

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