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NICU Photo Shoot: Meet A Precious Miracle Named Sofia

Please enjoy Preemie Prints' families inspirational story & photos. Consider supporting our mission to share hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill. We thank our supporters, Preemie Prints volunteers, and donors for allowing us to continue touching the lives of NICU, preemie, and angel families.

We pray these special memories from Preemie Prints 
will help families heal and remember how strong 
they were in overcoming their NICU journey together.


Joss (Johssuina) had a C-section on May 19th, three weeks before her due date. Sofia’s brain had been growing so much that it was putting a strain on the heart and the other organs of the body. The doctors were worried about the effect it would have on the baby and the mother.

The big day arrived and Joss and I were blessed to have a solid support group, not only in presence in our new home in Houston but also around the world. Our news about Sofia’s condition spread rather rapidly and there were people all over praying for our princess’ health.  Sofia was born and we were really excited about hearing her crying and breathing by herself.  Few minutes passed by for reality to strike us. Sofia started having difficulties to breath and the doctors confirmed in the delivery room that she was having her first seizures.  God gave us the strength to stay calm and follow doctors instructions and procedures.  Sofia was quickly taken to the NICU at the hospital as anticipated by the doctors, where she was intubated for breathing support and also put under medicine and testing for her seizures.  Sofia had a pretty good first day in the Nic-U! We were elated. We were able to transition her from the tube into the CPAP on a week period. We started posting pictures on Facebook and Sofi's international family (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, American, Canadian) all felt blessed and continue their praying for her and sending the little family of three positive thoughts and prayers. 

On my (Diego) birthday (May 22), we received the devastating results from the MRI.  It was confirmed then, Sofi has severe brain damage with a limited life expectancy. This is the message I (Diego) posted on Facebook: "Hello!!!. Yesterday was a long day. Doctors confirmed what we had already anticipated. The brain of Sofi is severely damaged and being the main organ has innumerable consequences. We are going to go on living the day and above all giving thanks to God for each day we provided to Sofi. Maybe the time is short, it may be long, we don't know, what we do know is that it will be perfect because it is God's time. We will continue give do our best to give Sofi the best quality of life possible and above all praying every day for that is on our side. We send you a big hug and we do not know how to thank you enough for accompanying us in this process. Let's pray together by Sofi. Is that God already is demonstrating his each in our own needs and that is the power of prayer and obedience to accept his will. We love you all very much. Hugs and kisses….Diego, Joss and Sofi"

Through Sofi’s heart aunt Cathy in Calgary, Alberta, we learned about a family that faced a difficult challenge with a critically ill baby at the Alberta Children's Hospital. They had mentioned to Cathy that one of the nicest things that happened during her six months there was that she mentioned to one of the nurses one day that they didn't even have a photo of her entire family and that afternoon a professional photographer arrived to do a family portrait session. They said that it meant the absolute world to them. So Cathy started immediately looking online and was thrilled to find your website. 

Karina (the photographer) came to the NICU of the Texas Children’s a few days after Cathy submitted the request online.  People say things happen for a reason, she came the same day we had a meeting with the palliative care team to discuss our options with Sofia’s case.  We can not describe the joy this experience brought to us.  There we were taking pictures of our family and forgetting about everything and just enjoying the moment we were having with our princess Sofi.  We can’t thank Cathy and Preemie Prints enough for bringing this joy to us. 

Almost a month has past by since Sofi was born and she is still with us.  She has tought us the value of time and live life every day as it would be the last. We are blessed God has chosen us to be Sofi’s guardians during her time in this world and will provide all the care and love that we have to make sure that time is precious.

The doctors are now talking about the possibility of taking her home under Hospice care.  We cant believe we may have the opportunity for her to see the room we have prepared for her.  Joss painted murals of trees and butterflies and such that we know she will love and enjoy!!!!. 

While Sofia's story will not likely have a happy ending for some, she is a story of love and unwavering faith. She represents the story of two parents who wanted a baby more than anything, and despite the ever-increasing odds, kept their faith and belief. It is the story of a family of three who love each other unconditionally and celebrate the time that they have together!

Preemie Prints Volunteer Photographer:
Karina Johnson - Houston, TX

A note from Karina:
"This was a very special session. It's rare to walk into a session knowing everything counts. Every minute, every kiss, every sound, every single touch. Sofia's mom had specific images she wanted me to captivate with very special props like her pearls. After captivating intimate moments I even had a chance of capturing Sofia's parents giving her a bath which she enjoyed very much! Once we were all done photographing and cords were hooked up again, she let out a little cry…. I don't think she wanted to stop modeling for us ;)
It was such a precious time, I'm so glad I got to meet you baby Sofia."

Photos belong to our volunteer photographers, families, 
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This was a Preemie Prints NICU photography session that took place in Houston, TX.
We're thankful to the family for sharing their very personal story & memories in support of other NICU families.

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