Saturday, July 12, 2014

Encouraging Words For NICU Parents

Part of our mission here at Preemie Prints is to share hope with NICU and preemie parents through encouraging words, scripture, prayer, and sometimes even through humor! We'll be sharing some preemie support and NICU support here on the blog today! In addition, look for our new monthly newsletters to start hitting your inbox soon. We have a new volunteer on board to help with these, and we're so excited to welcome Sarah!! This will be another way to reach our supporters who aren't on facebook. We've also got a new IG account. You can continue to follow us on fb, twitter, & pinterest of course.

Here are some inspiring words to encourage you as you travel the NICU journey with your baby. We hope these words and images bring a smile to you and share hope as your baby fights in the NICU!

To my children...If I had to choose between loving you and breathing....I would use my last breath to tell you I love You. In the NICU we would trade places with our babies in a heartbeat. Their strength inspires us and reminds us that although they may be tiny they are the strongest people we know. 

Through The Glass

As I love you thru the glass, 
the hours seem so slow to pass.
I stroke your skin, and hold your hand;
this isn't exactly what I had planned.
I cast my eyes up to the sky,
and say a little prayer;
that the Lord will hold you in His arms,
and keep you in His care,
so sleep and grow my baby, 
and dream of clouds of foam,
and I will Love you thru the glass
until you can come home.

A Person's a person, No matter how small!! True words!! 

I'm a preemie's mommy For nothing is impossible with God
Luke 1:27

Things you DO NOT SAY To A NICU Parent:
"At least, with the baby in the NICU, you can get rest at night!"

Encouraging Words:
"My 25 weeker was in the NICU for 150 days. My advice to new NICU
parents is don't let the fear steal your joy. Even in the darkest of times --- find joy"

"When someone is going through a story, your silent presence is more powerful than 
a million empty words"

Preemie are "small but mighty"

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