Sunday, January 11, 2015

Carter's NICU Grad Photo Shoot

Please enjoy Preemie Prints' families’ inspirational story & photos. 
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We pray these special memories from Preemie Prints 
will help families heal and remember how strong 
they were in overcoming their NICU journey together.

“Carter is my second preemie. He was born at 34 weeks on June 26 and weighed 5 lbs. 3 oz. When discharged at a week old (thank goodness) he weighed 4 lbs. 14 oz. He is now 3 months old and doing so well. He was born the day after his preemie older brother's 2nd birthday (also after me being in labor at home for 2 days because nobody could legally admit me or help me to have him).

Stay strong and take care of yourself too. Your sweet baby needs you to be the best you can be and in order to do that for them you have to take care of you. No NICU stay is easy or fun. I had a 28 weeker born in the back of an ambulance, who by the grace of God was brought to life by the EMT with me (he was born in sac and when removed was not with us...). He spent 8 weeks in the hospital and is now 2 and thriving. June 26th I had another preemie at 34 weeks who stayed in the hospital for a week...that stay was just as hard. It’s never easy leaving the hospital without a baby. Ever. There will be light at the end of the tunnel though. Best wishes to those of you who have, are, or will go through the toughest time in your lives!”

A Note From Vickie:

“Carter was 34 weeks when he was born, a miracle from the start, Mom almost lost him twice from partial abruptions, had bed rest, and went into labor a week before she had him and got the steroid shots. Mom had contractions every 5-8 minutes for 2 days before she actually had him because her water didn't break and it was too early for doctors to help. She walked into the hospital with contractions 4 minutes apart and was completely dilated and the hospital/doctors still had to break her water.... Carter was born weighing 5.3, and 4.14 at discharge. Carter was 5 months when we did shoot.”

Photos belong to our volunteer photographers, families, 
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Preemie Prints is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization sharing hope with NICU families through a variety of support programs. One of those programs is the gift of NICU photography and preemie photography. NICU families from across the US can request a no-charge photography session by a Preemie Prints volunteer. The family request from can be found on the right side of our website. These sessions are free of charge and for any NICU family, regardless of time spent in the NICU. The NICU photo shoot can take place inside the NICU or after baby is discharged and at home until their 1st birthday. Facing time in a NICU with a premature or critically ill baby is an extremely difficult time for families. Preemie Prints has a mission to share hope by letting families know they are not alone. Preemie Prints currently has over 100 volunteers nationwide. We are always looking for more volunteers to share in our mission! If you are interested, please email and visit our website at To date Preemie Prints and our volunteers have gifted over 400 NICU family sessions. 

This was a Preemie Prints NICU graduate photography session that took place near San Angelo, TX.

We're thankful to the family for sharing their story & memories in support of other NICU families.

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