Monday, March 9, 2015

Strong Mom Monday!!


Thank you moms for sharing your miracles with us!!

Zayne has taught me to be strong, have faith and never give up. If he had given up then we would never know this amazing little boy who has been such an inspiration to his family and everyone he meets. He has turned into an amazing toddler, an amazing brother and without him I would be lost. To my amazing, beautiful son, Zayne Pierce, I love you.
- Kristyna

When we first moved to our neighborhood we couldn't wait to have a family of our own to join the fun. It took years of infertility treatments, a high risk pregnancy, 65 days in the NICU and almost 2yrs of early intervention therapies so that I could watch my kids run around. Worth it all as you can see by our smiles.
- Lisa


Aribella has taught me that even though you are small and young, you can change a whole family's life and give everyone hope and joy. We have been waiting for our baby over 10 years and when I finally got pregnant I was very worried something might happen. When I got preeclampsia and she was delivered at 33 weeks. 3 lbs 3 oz .. She taught me that she was strong. I was a nervous wreck but she grew and is now 3 months and 7 pounds.

Onnaleisia has taught me to have faith, never give up, and love unconditionally! My baby was born at 23 weeks and were still spending everyday in the NICU. Besides having a natural delivery with no pain meds she's made me stronger by giving me no other choice. I have to be there for her. I have to watch her go thru this journey and if that doesn't make me stronger I don't know what will! Hardest time of my life!
- Lori

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