Saturday, March 19, 2016

March News, Updates, and Prayer Requests

The VIRTUAL IUGR Awareness Day Walk was a great success! Visit their page to learn more about what they are doing and to see pictures from the walk! We are so blessed to be the partner charity in 2016. Thank you IUGR for all that you do to raise awareness and support families across the nation. 

Kelsey is a former 24 weeker and surviving twin. For her senior project she chose to sew 300 skin to skin hearts for Preemie Prints and NICU babies. Today she went by the Texas Health NICU in Denton with her Mom and Grandma to drop them off. There were lots of hugs and tears as she shared her story of strength and determination. Kelsey is a 4.0 student and tomorrow will compete at a National level dance competition! We hope her story can inspire you and bring you a little hope today. Thank you Kelsey and good luck!!

Donation drop off at S&W NICU in College Station: We donated 8 angel giraffes, 25 gift bundles, including special St. Patricks Day giraffes, 3 cuddler beds, and 20 positioners! These items will help the NICU staff & bring comfort to their NICU families! Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help.

We're always thankful to have our Starlight Volunteers ready and willing to help! Below are three little NICU graduates who like to come and help too! 

Wedding dress donation for our angel giraffes. 

Both of these ladies completed their 1st sewing project with us. Great job!

Sewing instruction


Please pray with us for these special requests:

"Our little granddaughter Austyn was born 13 weeks early. Please join us in praying for her to be healthy and grow and develop normally. Specifically right now we need her little heart to heal. She is a fighter and I believe God has great plans for her. Please also pray for her parents to be strong. Thank you"

 "Please I beg of you, pray for my twin nieces who are currently in NICU, born at 23 weeks, weighing one pound. Amaya is battling with lung issues, and we need all of the prayers we can get. God please place you healing hands on my nieces. In jesus name, Amen."

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