Thursday, February 24, 2011

SPIN Program And Crib Cards

UC San Diego Health System has launched a new program called the SPIN (Supporting Premature Infant Nutrition) Program. Their mission statement reads, "To create a Center of Excellence in neonatal nutrition focused on the provision, analysis, and research of human milk to improve nutritional and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm babies." Their website includes many useful tools for parents and NICU staff about making milk, pumping, logs for moms, maternal education hand outs, crib cards, and milk recipes.

One of my favorite finds on the website are the crib cards guiding a new breastfeeding (pumping) mom from step 1: skin to skin contact through step 5: Getting ready to go home. The cards make the entire process easy to understand for an emotional and tired new preemie mom. The cards could be attached to an isolette or handed out by NICU nurses. We will be including these cards from the Spin Program in our binder of information contained in each NICU gift bag.

Download Crib Cards Here:
For more information visit their website at

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