Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Angel Care Monitor Giveaway

Preemie Prints is giving away an Angel Care Monitoring system to a deserving family ($120.00 value). My twins were sent home on pulmonary heart monitors and after they were taken off we moved to the angel care monitoring system. This monitoring system monitors sound and movement. If your baby stops breathing for 15 seconds the alarm will sound. Please read more about the monitors here. I love this monitor and have recommended them to new moms ever since finding out about them. It gives me peace of mind to actually get some rest at night. Since we highly recommend them, one of our donors has graciously donated two systems to us. We are so very appreciative of his donation and thank him! We received our first monitor yesterday and are ready for our first giveaway.

If you meet the following criteria please contact us and share your story about why you would like this monitor. We will choose a deserving family in the next two weeks and deliver the monitor to you. Thank you for participating and cheers to restful sleep and peace of mind...

1. Are you a new parent of a preemie in the Brazos Valley, Houston, or Waco area?
2. Are you close to being discharged or recently at home?
3. Have you joined our network?
4. Would you like an angel care monitoring system for your baby but due to the financial constraints of having a premature baby and spending time in a NICU have not been able to purchase one? 

If you answered yes to all 4 questions please share your story with us here.

Please forward and share this with your friends!

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