Monday, December 5, 2011

How do parents personalize baby's space & isolette in the NICU?

We asked parents how they personalized baby's NICU space. We received some wonderful answers and have included them here for you to enjoy! Please comment if you have anything to add. 

Window clings, window paint, pictures, scrapbook paper signs, pictures, stuffed animals, special blankets

Being that Ericka was born 14 days before Christmas we always had stuff animals and stockings around. Then decorated it with pictures of us. Angles and flowers and just made it feel warm. I had her outfit hung up of what she would wear when she came home.

My friend made a blanket with my baby's name on it, I brought in a bunch of blankets and onsies, & the nurse made a sign with her hand/foot prints, a picture with a Teddy bear, her name, and all her birth info. Then later, closer to being discharged (3 months later), another nurse had just gotten a new camera so they did a whole photo shoot and made a scrapbook page with 3 of the pics & I thing saying "work it baby".

I made Holiday decorations( like a footprint ghost, fall leaves with quotes on them), the nurses also made decorations, her older cousins drew pictures, prayer cards, poems, crib medals, a blanket my mom made, and little thank you notes for the nurses.

the NICU nurses had a sign on Sweeties Isolette that said.."warning I roar" because even when he couldnt make a sound you could always tell when he was mad...his monitors would beep like crazy he had a warnong sign cuzz he was ALWAYS mad!! & we had a lil Curious George in his isolette & other monkey stickers cuzz he look'd like a LIL Baby monkey,....(its funny now)....

Andrew had his own little room so we had his name in picture's his sister's would draw for him and family picture's and his teddy bears.

We had small stuffed animals in her bed and in her area with her. I always slept with them in my bra so that way it would have my scent on them. The nurses were always taking pictures forr us whenever we couldn't make it (we lived 2 hours away and I also had a 1 year old home at that time).

I made him a blanket that we could put over his incubator then eventually use to cover up with. We also got him a mobile to go on his crib and would decorate the glass doors to his room acording to holiday :)

I had a hard time putting things up, I didn't want it to seem like we were sticking around. But, we did have pictures of our family, a small stuffed animal, pictures, and cards hanging on the cabinets close by.

My daughter was born this September So I have decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving and now working on Christmas decor. I have made a scrapbook page for each holiday w/ a pic of her on it, I brought a pumpkin basket and a ghost animal for Halloween and a super cute stuffed Turkey for Thanksgiving. So far for Christmas I have hung a stocking, an ornament w/ her foot prints and she has a teddy w/ a Santa hat that says my 1st Christmas =))

My nieces and nephews colored lots of pictures and gave our daughter some stuffed animals to decorate her space. I had an ornament hanging in her isolette that said, "I made a wish and you came true."...we also had a purple rosary hanging in her isolotte, and I made her a fleece tie blanket that covered her isolette....I brought all of her own clothes so she didn't have to wear the ones from the hospital...she also had an angel figurine that my Mom got for her....oh, the memories ♥

Cute stuffed animals.
These are available in our Preemie Prints shop

Make a tiny flag and string it across your lil' ones isolette
for added color and a very homey feeling

add holiday decorations

Tiny stockings that could be hung on or near the

These inspirational messages/quote graphics can be printed and laminated
and hung near the isolette. We have about six that are currently available. Prayers are also great to print and hang! 

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