Saturday, December 17, 2011

NICU Photo Shoot: Baby Eriyan

Our organization with our volunteers, is so blessed to be able to give these amazing gifts to so many families. Please enjoy some inspiration from the NICU. We pray this baby girl is home soon. 

A note from Eriyian's mom: 
"My little girl, Eryian, was born September 8th 2011 with Gastroschisis. A birth defect that causes the intestines and other organs form on the outside of the stomach. She has had some comlications and just had her 5th surgery a couple days ago. Shes 2 months old now and will be in the NICU for another few months."

Volunteer Photographer: Amber Collier

A note from our volunteer: 
"What an incredibly beautiful family. It was such a very special gift to get to witness the love and strength that is holding this young family together. They have already traveled down a very difficult road and have faced so many ups and downs, yet the hope in their eyes is awe inspiring. Eriyan is one of the strongest baby girls I have had the pleasure to meet. What a beautiful Christmas blessing. " 

And now the beautiful pictures. These pictures are property of Preemie Prints, our volunteer photographers, and our families. Please do not use for any purpose

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