Friday, January 27, 2012

Charity Sewing For Preemies

I just received a wonderful email and wanted to share. Surprises are so wonderful. We had no idea this sewing group had been sewing for charity over the past year and their charity of choice was Preemie Prints! As soon as we receive the donation, I'll post pictures and more information about the amazing ladies who have been secret members of Preemie Prints Sew & Craft all year long!

Hi, Amber, I got your email by doing a search for charity sewing for preemies near Waco. About a year or so ago, I gave a presentation to a sewing group in Texas about charity sewing. I told them about different charity groups and categories of charity sewing, like preemies, homeless, animal shelter items, nursing homes, and gave them some free patterns I got off the Internet. I used to do charity sewing, but with my job I haven't done muchin the past few years I'm sad to say. 

However, recently that sewing group contacted me and said they had made a bunch of preemie items and asked me for the address again of where to send them. 

Can you tell me what address to give them to send their finished items? 


Later in the day another wonderful email popped up regarding our Project Linus partnership in the Brazos Valley. They have a donation ready for us of over 130 blankets for preemies!!! The kindness and support is absolutely amazing! So many babies and families will be blessed through these donations.

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