Sunday, January 1, 2012

NICU Photo Shoot: Baby Drew

Our organization with our volunteers, is so blessed to be able to give these amazing gifts to so many families. Please enjoy some inspirational photography from the NICU. We pray this baby boy is home soon. 

A note from Preemie Prints & Drew's mom: 
When asked to describe her NICU journey a little bit she said, "It's been an okay journey. We have had ups and downs almost lost him three times, but he has fought through it and is growing each day". 

Baby Drew was born 3 months premature and has encountered two different infections. This deserving family now has memories to treasure forever and to help in remembering this very difficult time that they are so beautifully overcoming together as a family. 

Volunteer Photographer: Caitlin Trantham - St. Louis, MO

A note from our volunteer:
"I had so much fun, and they were so sweet! I can't wait to go out again and photograph another family." Caitlin also said that Drew's mom had so many great ideas for the photos. It sounds like they all had a wonderful time. 

And now the beautiful pictures. These pictures are property of Preemie Prints, our volunteer photographers, and our families. Please do not use for any purpose

We hope you enjoyed please share and help to spread the word!

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