Friday, February 17, 2012

AniYiah's Lemonade Stand

Congratulations to AniYiah Miller on her 1st Lemonade Stand. Along with her family and SOL friends she raised $289.84 for her chosen charity, Preemie Prints! Thanks to the sponsors: Wal-Mart, Chick-Fil-A, Party City, Mardels, Hobby Lobby, and most importantly Pastor, Dr. Kenneth Skelton & Cookie Skelton and the SOL family. Also special thank you to Rebecca Nicholson (Red's Great Grandmother). 

AniYiah was born April 24, 2008, to Mr. and Mrs. LeMardre Miller. AniYiah weighed only 3lbs 6oz. Today she is a healthy and lovable "miracle" baby girl. She loves to dance, cook, sing, and play with her friends. AniYiah attends Pre K and serves as a greeter for her classroom.

Her favorite subjects in school are math, spanish, and recess.


~Submitted by AniYiah's Mom

AniYiah Miller congratulated by her grandparents
(Nana Pumpkin and Pa Pa Miller)

AniYiah and Jaylen perform a quality taste test on the product. Mmm Good!

AniYiah receives a hug form her SOL supporter & friend.

This fundraiser warms my heart in more ways than one! Who would have thought that a little girl, born too early, would be giving back to a preemie charity a few short years later. I'll never forget the first phone call I received from AniYiah's mom when they were planning the lemonade stand. She talked about wanting to teach her daughter about community, prematurity, charity, hard work, and giving back. This mother was so inspiring to me, someone who reminded me about things I will teach my daughters one day soon. She inspired me with her idea about the lemonade stand! What a creative, simple, and fun way to fundraise. A wonderful introduction to charity for a little girl just beginning to learn what that means! We thank you so much AniYiah!!!! From the bottom of our hearts. :)


  1. We are so very proud of AniYiah and her desire to want to give back and display God's Love at such an early stage of life.

    AniYiah originally wanted to sell rocks for her project. :) Quickly explained to her that perhaps rocks would be a challenge to sell in our community. LOL.. We collaborated together and the Lemonade Stand idea was established.

    AniYiah received great assistance from her parents, family, & friends but we received the blessed opportunity to witness God's love filter through a little girl.

    AniYiah we will save this project and all comments from this blog so when you are of age you will understand and appreciate your purpose in God. "You will change and help lives" .

    We Agape You Forever
    Mommy and Daddy

  2. AniYiah...Nana Schuga congratulates you on your succcess on your lemonade stand. This is a great achievement for such a little person. You were born and purpose for geat works. I love you and nana is so very proud of you.

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  4. You all are just amazing! I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet all of you and especially AniYiah! We just sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support & love. ~Amber

  5. Congratulations on your lemonade stand cousin!! We love you!!!

    Pam and Amaya