Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A NICU Father's Day

Through The Glass

As I love you thru the glass, 
the hours seem so slow to pass. 
I stroke your skin, and hold your hand; 
this isn't exactly what I had planned. 
I cast my eyes up to the sky, 
and say a little prayer; 
that the Lord will hold you in His arms, 
and keep you in His care, so sleep and grow my baby, 
and dream of clouds of foam, 
and I will Love you thru the glass 
until you can come home.

Hold Me In Your Hearts

Hold me in your hearts, 
for I hope you both
will soon hold my hand.

I heard your voices
before I was born, 
and I hear them now.

Very little goes as planned, 
but because of you,
I know I am not alone.

Because of you,
I will always be loved.
Here are just a few pictures of some more amazing NICU fathers! All of these photos are from Preemie Prints NICU & NICU Graduate shoots that have been gifted by our amazing network of volunteers across the US. We hope this compilation of images will share hope & happiness with you today. Please share this blog post or facebook status and if you feel inclined to make a small donation in support of our mission please do. Every donation helps to keep our work going.

Happy Father's Day NICU Dads! 

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