Saturday, July 27, 2013

5K Fundraising Team: Caiden's Crew

Caiden was born at 35 weeks with Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Pulmonary Hypertension of a Newborn. He was life-flighted twice and on ECMO for 5 days. At 7 weeks of age, while still in the NICU, doctors found a heart defect. His right pulmonary artery was attached to his aorta. A defect so rare, there’s no name for it. This led to emergency heart surgery. We spent 69 days in the NICU. Today, Caiden is 5 (almost 6!). He is smart, very active, and completely fearless. Despite his rough start, Caiden has absolutely no restrictions on the activities he can do today and in the future. (Although, as his mother I may have to add some “mommy restrictions”, lol). -Sherri

General Information

Please join our team by by either walking or running with us on the 26th of October in College Station Tx for The Little Monster's 5K For A Cause or by making a donation below. Type in any amount you wish to donate. All donations will help to support the efforts and mission of Preemie Prints - which is to offer support to NICU, preemie, and angel (those experiencing an infant/pregnancy loss) families. 

Just contact me at or call me 512-786-3232 if you have any questions about Preemie Prints. Preemie Prints currently serves 3 NICUs in the Bryan College Station area through sewing and support group meetings, has a new chapter in Houston, and nationwide photography outreach. There is also online support through our website, facebook page, and through private groups. All of this is done by an amazing team of volunteers and through donations from supporters like you.

We have set a team goal to raise $500 dollars to help in supporting NICU 
families in the coming year. 

Join *Caiden’s Crew* to run or walk for preemie, NICU, & angel families and/or make a donation below by typing in any amount. No amount is too small. Preemie Prints needs your help!

With 15 registered members we are currently in 2nd place as of 10/17! 

Caiden Crum
Tyler Crum
Sherri Crum
 Matt Crum
Kimberly Winslow
Krystle Bentley
Hunter Bentley
Mary Carrell
Jeanette Crum
Deanna Powell
Braxton, Anthony, and Nicole Hernandez
Mary Carrell
Mary Maio
Krystle Bentley
Hunter Bentley
Kimberly Winslow
Paul Nawara
Kelly Matson
Edward Matson
Chelsea Emshoff
Aaron Harris

I would love to support Caiden's Crew
by making a donation today

Caiden's Crew Donation

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