Monday, February 2, 2015

Brody's Preemie Prints NICU Grad Photo Shoot

Please enjoy Preemie Prints' families’ inspirational story & photos. 
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We pray these special memories from Preemie Prints 
will help families heal and remember how strong 
they were in overcoming their NICU journey together.

“Broderick Jackson is my sons name, we call him Brody though (his names a little big for him right now). He was born May 1, 2014 at just 30 weeks gestation. He weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces at birth.

My NICU journey didn't happen just once, but twice. Two years ago I had my first son, Oliver, at just 24 weeks due to my water breaking. He was born just one pound. He was a fighter and tried so hard to make it through the journey but his tiny body couldn't handle what was happening. After a hard but beautiful nine days with him he became an angel. I found it hard to cope with for so long, doubting if I wanted more children. Things didn't seem to make sense anymore, I couldn't understand why babies pass on; people shouldn't have to go through such a thing. After going through many months of grieving and coming to terms with my loss, I conceived again. This May I gave birth to Oliver's little brother, Brody, at just 30 weeks. I was on bed rest in the hospital for just over four weeks leading up to his delivery. Brody was born weighing two pounds eleven ounces. I didn't know what to think this time, every day I sat in the NICU just imagining the same thing happening again. No NICU stay is easy but the second time felt a little more comforting, knowing what I knew at that point about what to look for as good and bad signs with your baby. Watching oxygen levels, heart rates, and waiting for your babies machine to go off is not what any parent plans on doing when welcoming their baby into the world, but it becomes normal to NICU parents. Finally, six long weeks in the NICU and Brody came home! It felt unreal. It has been a lot of doctors’ appointments and at home nurses visits since but finally we are at a point where he is growing like the want him to be!! No one should have to go through a loss of a child or a NICU experience, but in the end it all happens for a reason. I look at my little baby all the time and think about his big brother in heaven that I wish was here with him, but also that for as scary as a NICU can be, those doctors and nurses are the reason Brody is home with me today.”

A Note From Sara-Anne:
"This adorable little man is Brody. He was a day shy of 9 months old when I went to his home for a session. Brody is so full of personality, charm and strength. He was born at 30 weeks and spent weeks in the NICU and struggled with various issues in his early days, but he has grown into a healthy vibrant boy. When hearing their story I could not believe how strong his mother is. Brody is a rainbow to his big brother in heaven Oliver, and he is his mothers whole life. She and I talked greatly about his meaning to her, and I can clearly say he is one of the most loved little boys in the world. He had me smitten with his smiles and those big eyes, and boy was he talking away! A strong little fighter, so loved and so smart he will move mountains."

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Preemie Prints is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization sharing hope with NICU families through a variety of support programs. One of those programs is the gift of NICU photography and preemie photography. NICU families from across the US can request a no-charge photography session by a Preemie Prints volunteer. The family request from can be found on the right side of our website. These sessions are free of charge and for any NICU family, regardless of time spent in the NICU. The NICU photo shoot can take place inside the NICU or after baby is discharged and at home until their 1st birthday. Facing time in a NICU with a premature or critically ill baby is an extremely difficult time for families. Preemie Prints has a mission to share hope by letting families know they are not alone. Preemie Prints currently has over 100 volunteers nationwide. We are always looking for more volunteers to share in our mission! If you are interested, please email and visit our website at To date Preemie Prints and our volunteers have gifted over 400 NICU family sessions. 

This was a Preemie Prints NICU graduate photography session that took place near Webster, MA.

We're thankful to the family for sharing their story & memories in support of other NICU families.

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