Saturday, August 15, 2015

NICU & Angel Baby Summer Hat Challenge 2015

We set a goal for our volunteers to make 200 hats for our NICU and Angel babies this summer. Can I just say WOW?!!!

All hats have been turned in and the grand total is........


Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who spent so many hours of their summer to make hats for our NICU and Angel babies. I am just blown away!!

It was so fun to hear many stories from volunteers and why they chose to donate. There were NICU moms, preemie aunts, cousins, sisters, and friends. There was a mom who used scraps from her grown kids baby quilts. Each hat was made with love and I know will be cherished by the family who receives it.

For each 5 hats that were donated, volunteers were entered into a drawing to win a giraffe. The winners are:

1. Sarina
2. Michelle
3. Sarina
4. Leeanna
5. Leeanna
6. Michelle
7. Rhianna
8. Cecilia

THANK YOU ALL for making and donating hats!!!
Preemie hats are an ongoing need. We donate them to our three local hospitals, College Station Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan, and Scott and White of College Station. We also send them with recipients of our Preemie Prints volunteer photography. If you are interested in donating preemie hats please send them to:
Preemie Prints Headquarters
2306 Kendal Green Circle
College Station, Texas 77845
Please enjoy a few pics of the hats donated:


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