Monday, May 21, 2012

"Love Is In The Air"

Sewing for NICU babies = LOVE, and it was in the air today! I received numerous pictures, calls, and emails from a few amazing volunteers all in reference to our sewing division. In College Station, Richmond, and Houston Tx sewing for NICU babies seemed to be on everyone's mind. After visiting on the phone this morning about Preemie Prints Sew & Craft with Melanie, who is currently helping to organize the sewing division; I received numerous emails, pictures, and new volunteer inquiries from people who would like to help us remotely. By the end of today, I was truly in awe of our volunteer's support and the Lord's obvious continued guidance of Preemie Prints.

We are so thankful for everyone's hard work, donations, time, dedication, and love for babies born prematurely or critically ill. Without volunteer support, we would not be --- so I send a special thank you to each person who makes up Preemie Prints Sew & Craft.

All of the pictures taken below are from volunteers who were working remotely today. We invite you to consider joining us as a remote volunteer. If you are local to Bryan College Station, Tx or don't mind driving and enjoy sewing or crafting in a group setting (sewing skills are not required), please join our group for monthly meetings that takes place every 1st Thursday of the month.  ~Amber

Upcoming Meeting Information
St. Joseph's Hospital | Basement room B | Thursday, June 7th | 6:15-8:00

Tina, Alannah, & precious little Logan hard at work today on NICU positioners and cuddlers!

Jen's brightly colored fleece purchase from today. This fleece is for the NICU positioners she is currently working on! We are always in need of fleece fabric so if this is something you might can help us with please email me

TIna & Alannah finished sewing 20 adorable positioners, now they just need to be filled! 

A precious preemie using our positioner in the NICU today! Thank you Morgan for sending us this picture of your baby boy. What an amazing blessing he is.

A little about our NICU positioners
Jen's Giraffe's are added to our NICU gift bags! Thanks for your help little Ruby!!

30 giraffes ready to stuff at our next meeting thanks to Jen & Ruby!


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