Sunday, July 8, 2012

Preemie Prints Sew & Craft Update

Here is just a short update on some of the things going on in our Sew & Craft division!

We now have a Richmond chapter so if you live in the Houston Tx or Fort Bend County areas and would like to get involved please contact or join the group to stay up to date on our events! If you do not live in the area but would like to donate handmade items we would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for considering!!

Together our volunteers are working on lots of projects for NICU babies. Here are some little giraffes that were just recently finished.

Here is a picture from our sewing meeting held in Bryan, Tx at Millican House. We sewed with some of the residents and one amazing lady helped hand sew giraffes. It was very special!

Here is a picture just sent in from Tina, the organizer of the Richmond chapter! She just completed these mom's warmers. These are filled with rice so NICU moms can just pop them in the hospital microwave and have a heating pad anytime. They help with the relief of pain associated with stress, fatigue, or breast feeding! These care bear warmers are so adorable. I grew up in the 80's so I love these !! 

Here are some volunteers (and a couple adorable little helpers) at the Richmond Preemie Prints meeting last month. They were helping stuff giraffes. 

A volunteer working on NICU positioners. These are donated on a regular basis to our partner hospitals.

One of the organizers has a hurt knee and she still was working hard! She's been working on a special  project for St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan, Tx. They had a special request and we are happy to help! Pictures to come soon.

More volunteers stuffing. We were also excited to have one of our volunteer photographers from the Houston area, Karina Silva, joining us! She is last on the right... 

Gianna, Dana, & Karina stuffing giraffes for Preemie Prints
We received a precious donation in the mail a few days ago along with a beautiful card. These tiny preemie blankets were made in memory of a precious baby girl. We are honored to receive them. Many tiny preemies will be just a little warmer after receiving a blanket made with so much love.

Thank you so much Sara & Anna
Thursday, July 12th 6:15-8 PM - Sewing and Craft Meeting 
Saint Joseph Regional Health Center - 2801 Franciscan Drive  Grant Education Center Room B

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