Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Kannon's NICU Grad Photo Shoot

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We pray these special memories will help the parents to remember how strong they were in overcoming a crisis situation.

A note from Mom:
"Our son's name is Kannon Daniel Hill. He was born on Wednesday, June 26,2013 at 28 weeks. He weighed 2 lb 14 oz and was 15 1/2 inches long. My husband, Joseph, received a phone call on the Friday after Kannon's birth about him and ask us to pray about adopting him. We had just started the adoption process and both thought adopting a child would be at least a year away. We knew Kannon was part of God's plan for us. We met Kannon and his birth mom on Saturday and Kannon became our son on Tuesday, July 2nd

From the beginning we were told that Kannon would most likely be in the NICU for around 12 weeks. We knew that this would not be an easy journey, but since we had 4 days notice that we were becoming parents the time in the NICU helped us have time to prepare. We visited Kannon everyday and most days he improved faster that anyone expected. When Kannon was 2 months old he became sick, he began to have issues keeping any amount to his feedings down. The next week was spent trying to determine what was wrong and how to keep Kannon from spitting everything. By the weekend the doctors thought that Kannon had Pyloric Stenosis and would need surgery to correct the issue. We were transferred to Dell Children's on Labor Day and Kannon had surgery the next day. After Kannon recovered we were discharged to come home on Friday, September 13th. At discharge Kannon was over double his birth weight at 6 lb 3 oz and is a healthy baby. We have been at home for a little over a week and are doing great. This whole journey has taught us about the power of prayer and seeking God's plan for our lives."

Volunteer Photographer:
 Lauren Melissari - College Station, TX

A note from Lauren:
"Kannon's newborn session went well. He was a good sleeper, but difficult to pose. His belly was bothering him, so I had to cut the session short. I got 6 good pictures though!

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  1. God bless this family. A preemie baby and a NICU stay is something most people don't choose. That took a lot of strength. Congratulations on your beautiful baby and the new addition to your wonderful family.