Thursday, January 30, 2014

A little inspiration for today

Just wanted to write a quick post of encouragement for NICU families today. Preemie Prints mission is to share hope, and I think many of these little pictures, quotes, and sayings will do just that. As you sit in the NICU today with your baby please remember that we're out here praying for you and thinking about you. You're not alone. Please visit Preemie Prints anytime you need a little pick me up, anytime you'd like to read about another family's NICU journey, and much more. May the Lord give you the strength you need today to carry on and help you to remember that "this too shall pass". Be in the moment with your preemie or NICU baby - they need your comfort - they need to hear your voice - they need to feel your touch.

For this child I prayed & the Lord has given me what I asked of Him
1 Samuel 1:27 

Preemies are miracles!

Preemie moms are special!!

Untouchable mother and premature baby by TheMidnightOrange, $60.00

Older children may be very affected by the experience of having a new baby brother or sister who is born prematurely. Children are very sensitive to what is going on, and if you are concerned about the baby – even if you don’t talk openly about it – they may well be aware of this. Talk to your older children about your feelings. There are many wonderful books on the market for NICU siblings. Bring them to NICU family get together and meetings so they can meet other siblings going through similar experiences. Preemie Prints hosts NICU Hope Meetings in Bryan College Station and Houston and the meetings are family friendly!

There are many challenges to breastfeeding a baby in the NICU. Don’t be shy about letting the nurses know that you plan to breastfeed. Babies who are born early can’t always feed at the breast right away. Because of their small size and lack of muscle development, they may have a harder time latching on or staying latched on to the breast. Feedings can take longer than normal because of this. Hang in there, Mom, and don’t give up. If you need help, the hospital’s lactation director can provide great support. Read more here

The journey of a preemie or critically ill baby does not end when you walk out of the NICU. It often takes years for them to catch up to their peers, and they may never fully catch up. But it doesn't matter because they are miracles! 

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