Friday, January 10, 2014

Proof of Purchase Fundraiser

Attention Preemie Prints supporters in Houston, Bryan College Station, and beyond... Fiesta is a big community supporter!! They offer several ways for Houston area organizations to raise money. It is a very simple process. They provide a list of products, you save the proof of purchase (doesn't have to be bought from Fiesta but is encouraged to give back to the company that is supporting us), send them in to us and they are redeemed by Fiesta. Easy right? If possible please use one bag for each type of of product as they have to be counted individually (put all the coke labels in one ziplock/grocery bag etc).

Our first turn in date is March 15th we will receive 50% more for each item turned in by this date. If you will be mailing them please be sure that your fist set is mailed in time for us to sort and count them for our turn in. Bryan College Station and national supporters can mail them or drop off to Preemie Prints 2306 Kendal Green Cir. College Station TX 77845. If you are in the Houston or surrounding areas you can mail them to Jeanna Wattles 8441 C E King Parkway Houston Tx 77044. Either way they will both get counted and turned in on time! If you don't make the first turn in date that is fine, please send them for the second turn in date of May 17th. Click on the link below for the list of products. Please print out and keep with you!!

Easy print out to keep with you below!

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