Friday, March 28, 2014

Houston, TX Preemie Prints Sew & Craft Meeting!

We had such a good turn out for our sewing meeting. The pavement has been pounded in a matter of speaking. Every group where mother's are in the area, preemie related, even some national places where there's a possibility of connecting with someone: a message about our event was posted on their Facebook page. Efforts were not in vain I am glad to say. I have had a tremendous amount of inquires and down poor of best wishes, as well as others wanting to send us items they make at home, and a new volunteer family that made a huge impact on tonight's meeting. We were a bit scattered at first which led to not accomplishing exactly what was planned but in a good way. We have 7 machines available to use and they were unthreaded and in boxes. We set a few of them up and got to work on a few things.

We had a small group on one couch teaching and learning in both directions, one to crochet and the other to knit. 
It was fun watching the teacher become the student!

We had a father son duo working on giraffes as well as other small projects. While mom and little sister worked on cutting what was thought to be positioners. (slight miscalculation on my end and turned out double the thickness...... of course it wasn't realized until one was completed. ... but we had a good laugh at watching a toy tea set be used in place of a funnel!

The goal of our next meeting will be to make a few snakes and finish up some giraffes, so we can take a bundle up to Tomball Regional. Please join us at our next meeting!

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