Monday, April 28, 2014

Lots Of Prayer Requests From The NICU Tonight

Our organization serves a BIG GOD and we know when we petition with prayers for preemies and babies in the NICU He hears us in a BIG way. Our small Preemie Prints community coming together to so often to pray for babies is making a difference. Tonight we had three requests come in at the same time, so instead of posting each on facebook we are putting them all in a blog post to share with you. Please keep all of these precious miracles and their families in your prayers tonight. #prayers #NICU

NICU Prayer Request #1
"My daughter is a one pound miracle. She went into surgery today for inertia hernia and a repair to her stomach (plyoric stenosis). She was one the cpap when going into surgery... now she will be intubated. Can you please pray for Karyssa?"

NICU Prayer Request #2
This one if for one of very own Preemie Prints volunteer photographers, Karina Johnson. She is so special to us and now she's a part of our community. Her son was born full term today with fluid on his lungs. She has not been able to hold him and is hurting. 

"Our baby boy was born at 1:41pm weighing 8Ib 14oz. Pls keep baby Vincent in your prayers he is in the NICU due to fluid in his lungs. It breaks my heart that I wasn't able to hold him and can't see him until later on tonight BUT I know God is in control!"

NICU Prayer Request #3
"I would like to send a prayer request out for my son Kelson. He turned a month old today in the NICU of Children's Hospital of Pittsburg. He has been here since his birth. I had Kelson at 31 weeks and besides him being preemie he was born with a heart condition called TGA known as Tranposition of the Great Arteries. He will be having heart surgery when he is around 38-42 weeks old.With prayers so far Kelson has began full feeds as well as put weight on. At birth he weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces. As of now he weighs 4 pound3ounces. He continues to make progress each day and hopefully within the next two the doctors will be removing his ventilator. I just pray that this does happen on schedule and there is no set backs for Kelson. He is a very strong baby with a very powerfull will to live. I know God has a plan for my Son there is no doubt in my mind. So please pray that Kelsons road to recovery and becoming better is a smooth one with no set backs and he continues his great work of doing what his doctors are wanting him to do.Mommy loves you baby boy and God is on our side 100%."

Thank you for praying for these families and babies. 

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