Monday, March 21, 2011

Developing News: Are NICU's Overused in Texas?

Texas Tribune article is below, I encourage you to read it if you are a Texas preemie mom for more information regarding Texas NICUs and the possible need for guideline implementations to curb the high costs. We will wait to see how this situation develops in the coming months, after their studies are conducted, to see if there actually is a need to combat inefficient and unnecessary NICU use in Texas.

In the article a prominent Texas Children's neonatologist agrees there is a problem. The number of NICU babies have spiked dramatically in the past years and the reasons may not be "all natural" he said. We are in contact with the senators and Doctor mentioned in this article so we can stay on top of any new studies and developments for our Texas preemie moms. We are based in Texas and will be an investigative and strong voice for you when it comes to anything dealing with NICUs or preemies. 

Judging from the numbers there are reasons that are worth investigating and from this article that is all I can see happening. Hospitals will not be turning babies away from the NICU even if they are a late pre term baby who needs to be there. I know from having two preemies costs are out of control totaling somewhere around $50,000/per baby for one month. So if NICU babies are increasing at this rate it is worth investigating to find out why. 

Below is the article, I would love to have your feedback as this is a very new and developing story. We don't have a lot to go on at this point so it is hard to take a stance. I am just adding it to this blog as a "developing story".

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