Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Highlight: Prayers from the NICU

Prayers from the NICU is a brand new book I just stumbled across. It is absolutely beautiful and truly inspired by God. Here is the link for you to purchase the book through Tate publishing. They also have an E-Download option which is very useful for moms in the NICU right now, so they don't have to wait for ship time.

Prayers from the NICU

A Mother's Devotional
by Jeanna J. Plunkett

"One day, these difficult times will be a memory and this daily record will be precious to you and your child.
The birth of a child should be such a wonderful time, but when a child is admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, it is terrifying. NICU days are full of fear, confusion, and pain. Prayers from the Neonatal ICU was written by Jeanna Plunkett, a mother who spent a total of ninety-seven days in the NICU, first with her premature twins and then again with her critical one-pound preemie, Jamey. This chronicle of Jeanna’s experience contains inspiring stories of Jamey’s fight for life as well as inspirational passages from Scripture. This touching volume also contains a personal prayer journal that will help readers record their day-by-day concerns as well as their family's progress. Prayers from the Neonatal ICU is an inspirational devotional full of a mother's love for her child and the Father's love for us. Join author and mother Jeanna Plunkett for a journey of pain, growth, and promise through Prayers from the Neonatal ICU."
212 pages - $13.99 (paperback)

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