Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help With Infant Reflux & Colic

After reading through their website this product really seems like a great idea for newborns suffering with reflux. I know from experience that reflux is a common preemie issue and how terrible that it can be on both baby and mom. There are many great products that seem to be marketed to help with the issue, but the Res-Q is the first of it's kind being used by many NICU's already and can be used at home. I'd love to know if any of our readers have any experience with it!

Here is a small description from their website and a picture:

The RES-Q Infant Wedge is the first reversible orthopedic FDA class 1 device for babies with reflux (colic) which promotes musculoskeletal alignment in both tummy and back-lying positions.

Hospital Applications

Benefits of the RES-Q Wedge as observed by NICU nurses and therapists:

yawning baby resting on Res-Q Wedge
The (NICU) developmental wedge provides proper boundaries and positioning.
  • Improved reflux symptoms
  • Increased O2 saturations
  • Decreased episodes of apnea
  • Decreased occurrence of bradycardia
  • Deeper sleep states
  • Shorter hospital stays

For a great resource for practical solutions for reflux and colic and to purchase this product visit Polywog's website at: 

To learn more about the Res-Q Wedge visit their website athttp://www.resqwedge.com

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