Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Preemie Prints Story: Alex & Braeton

I am a Mom to 4- 2 miscarriages,and 2 preemies-one became an Angel a little over 3yrs ago...

My 3rd pregnancy was going good I thought as I made it past the the 2nd trimester and I was excited to find out I was having a boy. We knew the name all along "Alexander" as we were going to name his older sister Alexandria before I m/c. I was working for a very demanding, in-sensative Dr who made my job & life very stressful. After a heated meeting I became so upset-I got sick and could not eat. I did not feel Alex move the rest of the day. I called out the next day and still hadnt felt him move. I developed a migrane,started throwing up like the excorsist and literally gained 20lbs overnight. Something was telling me to call my Dr and I didnt want to seem over dramatic. I kept thinking "my appt is in 3wks..It can wait" I thought maybe I just needed to get out and get some fresh air. I went to get lunch and visit my husband at work...I couldnt eat more than a bite. He urged me to call the dr,so I did. He asked me to come right in....and I did,by this time I was lethargic. I was immediatly sent to L&D -I was only 24wks and still clueless to how serious things were. Alex was born 2days later when I went into total kidney failure. He weighed 1lb 10oz and didnt make a sound, but he was alive. I got to breifly see him before they rushed him to the awaiting NICU here at St.Louis Childrens Hospital. I remember touching his tiny finger and saying "Stay strong Mommy loves you" 

I got a call later that night saying they didnt expect Alex to live thru the night. I prayed that night-hard all night. I was hours away from being put on life support myself as my organs were shutting down. I prayed to God "just make me stronger so I can see him again and give him my love" Alex survived the night and many more with me by his side everyday....until his little body couldnt fight anymore and he went into liver/organ failure and was bleeding internally. We had to say "good-bye" to him 2 days shy of 4 mths.

Two days after Mothers Day that same year, I found out I was unknowingly pregnant again. I had Alex's little brother Braeton at 34wks and he weighted 4lbs 5oz and this time we heard a cry. That was music to our ears & dad & I just started laughing, then crying in the delivery room. Braeton (aka "BUG") was born with Pierre Robin Sequence and co-arctation of the aorta. He was in the NICU 4mths and had atleast a dozen surgeries. He has a few coming up including a 3rd heart. Bug just turned 2 in Dec and althought he is still learning to walk he is a happy little boy.He has many more challanges to face and we will get there together-with his Guardian Angel brother guiding the way.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story ;)-
In loving memeory Alexander McKinney Hirschmugl 09/23/07-01/21/08 & Braeton Allen Hirschmugl 12/12/08

We thank Sara for sharing her inspiring story of hope, prayer, and strength with us. ~Amber

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