Monday, September 30, 2013

Houston September H. O. P. E. Meeting

Well if you are in Houston and we're out on the roads this past Saturday you will know how hard it was for everyone to meet at the Ronald McDonald House. It was pouring, traffic was backed up.... But it was such a blessing to talk with the NICU graduate parents.

I made a comment the other day about all the amazing ladies and realized (stuck my foot in my mouth) I personally know at least one great Preemie Papa that is a member of the group. Well again on Saturday I was able to meet yet another amazing Papa. It was so touching to hear their story from a male perspective. I encourage everyone to bring their Papas Dads Daddies or what ever your miracles call him along to our next Houston NICU Support meeting.

Parents one of the big points we hit on that effects/effected all Preemie mom's is the threat of RSV. Talk with your Pedi if you are not sure if your LO needs them or not

Also remember that next month on October 26th is our 5k walk. We would love to have you on the Houston NICU Hero's team. Please donate so we can support other parents in need.

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