Saturday, September 7, 2013

Isabelle's Monster Crew 5K Team

Isabelle's Monster Crew
Little Monsters 5K Team

Isabelle in the NICU

Isabelle under the bili lights

Isabelle's Preemie Prints NICU Grad Photo

Isabelle's Monster Crew

1 year Family Photo

Isabelle (Isa) is our first born and a BIG adventure from the get go. Isa was born a month early with fluid in her lungs. She spent about a week in St. Joseph's Regional Health Center in Bryan. Isa has a feeding tube, oxygen, and spent an extra few day under the bilirubin light to get her as strong as can be! Although it was a short stay, we as new parents learned so much from our little bundle of joy! We are participating in running/walking in the race to celebrate the blessing God has given us, Isa's continued strong health, and to support all the other preemie, NICU, and Angel families!

General Information
Please join our team by by either walking or running with us on the 26th of October in College Station Tx for The Little Monster's 5K For A Cause or by making a donation below. Type in any amount you wish to donate. All donations will help to support the efforts and mission of Preemie Prints - which is to offer support to NICU, preemie, and angel (those experiencing an infant/pregnancy loss) families. 

We have set a team goal to raise $500 dollars to help in supporting NICU 
families in the coming year. 

Join Isabelle's Monster Crew to run or walk for preemie, NICU, & angel families and/or make a donation below by typing in any amount. No amount is too small. Preemie Prints needs your help!

Cody, Erika, & Isabelle Pinner
Yolanda Guerra
Jamie Pejo
Tre Pejo
Cody Pinner
Elizabeth Freeman
Marceli Freeman

I want to support Isabelle's Monster Crew
by making a donation today! Type in any amount below.


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