Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Houston Triplets' NICU Session in Houston, TX

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We pray these special memories from Preemie Prints 
will help families heal and remember how strong 
they were in overcoming their NICU journey together.

"My darling triplet boys were born within one minute of each other at 9:15am on March 19, 2014. They were eager to see the world at 25 weeks gestation, and arrived at less than 2 lbs each. I count my lucky stars every day that I received the best health care possible that kept my babies baking as long as they did and delivered them safely. Baby A tried to arrive too early at 20 weeks, though modern medicine, luck, and hospital bed rest convinced him to stay put a little longer.

My boys are termed 'micro preemies' born at 25 weeks gestation. They were under 2 lbs at birth. Arriving so early, there were still many developmental areas that were not yet ready for the 'outside world'. Visually, we could see that the babies skins was still translucent and fragile. Their backs of their ears had not yet separated from their scalps (lack of cartilage) and their tiny, tiny fingers could even reach around my pinky finger. They had very little muscle and no fat, so looked extremely fragile. The wonderful NICU at the Women's Hospital of Texas, applied their expertise to give my kids the nutrition and O2 that they needed, even though their bodies were not ready to take it the 'normal' way. Feeding began via the umbilical, then moved intravenously, and eventually through a tube through the mouth to the stomach (or intestine). Breathing began with a tube to the lungs, and now, at 3.5 month old, the boys are receiving pressurized, oxygen enriched air though the nose. Thought at some point, two of my boys were at 100% O2 requirements plus nitric oxide, with the assistance of a ventilator to inflate and elate their lungs, they are now getting quite close to being weaned off the pressure and O2.

A good comparison for the 3.5 month journey is that it has been like the most crazy roller coaster that you have ever been on, while blindfolded, with no end in sight. For the first 2 months, it was never known what was around the corner. Some days were great days with no issues, then all of a sudden things would turn, with immediate intervention required. My kids have gone through PDAs surgeries, surgeries to repair perforated intestines, needles to the eyes (for ROP). multiple blood transfusions, steroids, antibiotic and other treatments for infections, pneumonia, low heart rates, high blood pressure, low sugars,etc . Sometimes hard decisions had to be made to choose a path forward that carries its own risks and developmental impact uncertainties. Though there was definitely a long, difficult path, we are now approaching calm waters. I am very happy to see how strong and resilient my little troopers have been and how advanced and amazingly 'right' modern medicine has been. My boys have responded superbly to all the pokes, prods, and medicinal interventions that they have had to deal with. They are now all over 6 lbs at their gestational due date of 40 weeks. They are doing very well, considering their super-early arrival. They still have some breathing progress to make, reflux issues to overcome and eyes and hearing development to monitor, but overall, they are happy, calm, super-cute little troopers.

I am amazed at how proactive the specialist at the NICU have been, and how diligently they monitor, and how quickly and effectively they have responded to the surprises that my troopers have presented."

Preemie Prints Volunteer Photographer:
Karina Johnson, Karina Johnson Photography - Houston, TX

 A note from Karina:
I enjoyed meeting these little guys, they are so precious. After hearing their stories I was amazed at how far they have come, even though they are little they are really tough! They are little rays of sunshine, my day was definitely brighter after meeting them. :) 

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This was a Preemie Prints NICU graduate photography session that took place near Houston, TX.
We're thankful to the family for sharing their story & memories in support of other NICU families.


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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting this family in the NICU. My daughter was "pod mates" with two of the three boys. It would be great to see them now at nearly a year old!