Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New NICU Photography Volunteers

Wendy Shears 
Remember When Photography

Service Area:
Hamptonville, North Carolina

About Wendy:
"This is my way of sharing God's love. I have been conducting photography for 11 years and have been in my business for 6 years. I currently work with Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital to help raise money. I have also donated several Baby Portraits in the maternity ward. I specialize in babies and families."

Cassandra Chang
A Single Image Photography

Service area:
Orlando, Florida 

About Cassandra:
"I want to volunteer with Preemie Prints, because life doesn't always go as planned, but I truly believe we should be allowed to have memories to move forward. Most families I have met with a preemie have so many other fees that they can't always have pictures taken. So by working with Preemie Prints I can in good faith provide that to the families they serve."

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