Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Preemie Prints NICU Photo Shoot: Baby Adalynn & Harper

Our organization with our volunteers, is so blessed to be able to give this amazing gift to so many families. Please enjoy these inspirational photos of two adorable NICU babies!

A note from the girls' mom: 
I had triplets on November 29th, 2011, they were born at 28 weeks. Two of the babies, Adalynn and Harper, are still in the NICU and we lost Scarlett, the smallest and last born at 12 days old. They have had a long go in the NICU but we are finally getting near seeing the end of their stay hopefully! They will be four months old next week.

Volunteer Photographer: Teresa Sumner - Dallas, TX

A note from our volunteer:
"Ady & Harper were very wide awake. Mom and nurses kept saying they were bug eyed as they were very wide eyed. They were very calm and only fussed near the end due to feeding time. We did 3 outfits but only 2 changes and they handled that well. Ady was distracted by bright lights and decorations while Harper was always grabbing or reaching for Ady! They are normally not allowed in the same pod/bed/room but we broke a few rules for these photos and so that was the first time in a while they were together in the same room/bed.

I went into this shoot very nervous as I have never shot multiples and I was afraid I wasn't going to come out with any images. I also went into this session with the lifestyle session in mind but mom and grandma wanted more than that so I worked around it and made it work for me. I left the hospital feeling eh about the session thinking I maybe didn't get as many as I liked, but I was very surprised to find on my camera many gems!

I have talked to mom since and she is very pleased with the results and is very glad she was able to get information on this service!"

And now the beautiful pictures. They really turned out beautifully! Amazing work Teresa! These pictures are property of Preemie Prints, our volunteer photographers, and our families. Please do not use for any purpose

We hope you enjoyed these precious moments from Preemie Prints!

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