Friday, April 20, 2012

Remembering An Angel

I was so blessed to receive this beautiful poem (see "Our Angel" at the end of this post) from an amazing family who heartbreakingly just lost their precious baby girl. I asked her if it would be okay to share the poem with our Preemie Prints family, and she said absolutely. As soon as I read this my eyes filled with tears; it is beautiful. Although this little girl lived a very short life here on earth, she has touched many of our lives. As I visited with her mom up at the hospital, I got to know baby Damony and her mother's love. We were also blessed to provide this family with a priceless Preemie Prints photo shoot. Kassi Cooper was the volunteer photographer who met baby Damony. I know it was an extremely special day for both her and Damony's mom. As we talked yesterday, I let her know that we will always be here to support her family as they travel the difficult road ahead and that Damony will always be a part of our Preemie Prints family. I thank them for allowing us to share this beautiful poem with you and pictures of their beautiful daughter.

Baby Damony with her Preemie Prints bunny

Our Angel

When you first came and entered this world 
We were so happy and proud
Time to welcome our new baby girl.
When you first opened your eyes, we were so excited
because they sparkled like stars in the sky.
When you made your first movements, we were amazed a
feeling that cannot be explained.

The first time we touched you, it sent chills down my spine, 
I'll never forget the first time we heard you cry.

Your mother looked at me and it brought tears to my eyes.
That night I had a dream I saw many footprints off in the sand
Then I saw your uncle's and family holding your hand.

So as you take your journey to the heavens, your new home;
our Angel since birth you won't never walk alone.

You will be missed but never forgotten.

Damony our Princess we love you and the rest of the family too.

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