Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Alice's NICU Grad Photo Session

Please enjoy our inspirational photos and consider supporting our mission to share hope with families who have a baby born prematurely or critically ill. Our programs include an online support group, the gift of photography, group events and meetings, information, and email support. Our mission is to connect parents and let them know they are not alone. We thank our supporters, volunteers, and donors for allowing us to touch the lives of NICU, preemie, and angel families. 

We pray these special memories will help the parents to remember how strong they were in overcoming a crisis situation.

A note from Mom:

"Our youngest came at 24 weeks and her name is Alice Mabel. We went from hospital to hospital trying to find people that would not give up on us and our baby. I even had a specialist tell me while I was bleeding uncontrollably and in severe pain that I didn't have an abruption at ad and even if I reached 24 weeks he wouldn't try saving our daughter unless I pleaded with him. He said the reason was because there could be a slight chance she could have cerebral palsy and so for she is doing great. The specialist was wrong and I ended up having a c-section 5 days later. We almost lost Alice and her organs started shutting down at 1 month old, but she's thriving now! She came into the world weighing 1 pound 5 ounces. Now she if four months old and nearly 6 pounds and in newborn clothes and diapers!" 

Volunteer Photographer:
Karina Johnson - Houston, TX

A note from Karina:
"This photo session was extra special. When I found out Baby Alice was born on my birthday, I knew I had to photograph her. Although it may happen more than we know, it's rare to actually meet someone who survived the unthinkable and shares the same birthday. She is a strong baby! As I talked to mom, Adreanna, I knew where baby Alice had gained her strength from. They are both fighters! And to top our photo session off, Alice gave us a smile, love it!"

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