Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Racin With Bailen 5K Team

Team Racin for Bailen is celebrating the wonderful NICU experience we had with Bailen. Bailen Michael Kocurek was in the Texas Children's Hospital Level 3 NICU for almost 3 months.  He was treated for Hydrops Fetalis.  He was 5 weeks early, and had fluid under his skin and around his lungs.  He went through 8 chest tubes, a VATS procedure, a month on ventilation, and many x-rays. He had so much support from family, friends, and hospital staff. We were blessed to have such wonderful care.  By walking/running in this race, we want to celebrate Bailen's good health, and his experience in the NICU!

Thanks for joining our team!
Marsha Kocurek

Team Members:
Marsha Kocureck
Savanah Sanchez 
Anthony & Tanya Muzny
Victoria Perez

Racin With Bailen Team Donation

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