Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bonding In The NICU

It takes a bit of time to load, but this is an excellent presentation about NICU Bonding & worth the time to view it. We will be sharing with new NICU parents online & those attending our meetings. Bonding in the NICU with your preemie or critically ill baby is absolutely essential. There are many ways to bond in the NICU but here are just a few ideas:

A. Have a special stuffed animal, blankie, or other plush object or positioning device something that can be in baby's isolette. Take it home with you sleep with it a few nights (to get your scent on it) and then return to baby's crib. For example, if you used our Preemie Prints giraffe as your special bonding device, you could set the giraffe in the corner of the isolette. Recent research suggests that just an hour after birth a newborn can locate his mother’s nipple by sense of smell. In addition to bringing comfort and reassurance, the sense of smell is one of the first things that bond a baby to its parents.

B. Feed your baby or participate in feedings

C. Breastfeed or pump (until you can breastfeed)

D. Give your baby a bath

E. Read to your baby. Here is an article about the benefits of reading to baby

F. Skin to skin contact & Kangaroo Care

G. Touch your baby

H. Decorate your baby's isolette and/or area

H. Pray over your baby or sing to your baby - out loud. Your voice will comfort and sooth.

Prayers from the NICU
A Mother's Devotional 
 is an amazing book. Check it out here.

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