Sunday, August 25, 2013

Miracle Milk

#Breastmilk #Miracles!! So if you've been around Preemie Prints for any amount of time - you know we love miracles. Miracles happen all of the time surrounding the NICU, preemies, and our precious angels. This post is devoted to Miracle Milk. Enjoy!

Here is just one story is about a baby boy. His mom was born with a rare bone disease and not expected to be able to carry a baby. She was determined and wanted her child so she moved forward! She gave birth to a baby boy. Shortly after birth he contracted NEC, which we all know is deadly. "Thanks to donated breast milk - a natural antibiotic - and a team of dedicated hospital staff, the 28-year-old mother and son are now out of danger and doing well." Read their story here.

Here are some things you might not know about Miracle Milk (breast milk) :)

1. Breast milk changes to meet the specific needs of your child.   Moms with premature babies make milk that is much higher in fat content and protective antibodies, for example. It's awesome that it’s adaptable. The milk changes as the baby ages!

2. Breast milk becomes more watery on hot days to help with hydration!

3. Breast milk can be used for all sorts of things! These are some of the things moms wrote in and told us they've used breast milk for: a decongestant, diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, eczema, acne, and bug bites! I used it to help relieve my son's blocked tear duct. Use a little in a milk bath to help with diaper rash and red bumps common in infants.

4. Breast milk tastes better than formula and can help your baby develop a better palate for solid foods

5. Breast milk is not only packed with nutrients, it also has antibodies which help fight off illnesses and protects from future illnesses.  It is more like human blood than cow’s milk because it has white blood cells. It’s nutrition, comfort, and immune system, all in one.

6. Breast milk helps fight tooth decay. In fact, all efforts by researchers to grow bacteria in breast milk (including the bacteria that causes tooth decay) were completely unsuccessful.

7. It has day-specific ingredients that stimulate activity in the infant, and other night-time components that help the baby to rest. Read more here!

8. 3 different kinds of stem cells are in breast milk. Dr Cregan said the discovery of immune stem cells was the "most exciting development", adding, "It's quite possible that immune cells in breast milk can survive digestion and end up in the infant's circulation.

9. Alpha-lactalbumin
Alpha-lac causes unstable fast-growing cells (such as cancer cells) to self-destruct. That's in your milk! The fact that your breast milk causes cancer cells to commit suicide is awesome!

10. BF for flying with an infant because if they are nursing during takeoff/landing, then the constant swallowing helps their ears pop and adjust.

11. The LOVE hormone is released. Extra oxytocin for babe and mom!!!!

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